Meet Binovi Touch

A purposeful, powerful tool for performance vision training.

With the new Binovi Touch Saccadic Fixator, you have the best platform to measure, treat, and train key vision skills in Athletes, Students, and Patients.

Improve Performance

Use Binovi Touch to improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time in athletes. Binovi Touch is already in use improving the performance of players in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, National Hockey League, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Training + Development

Use Binovi Touch to train and develop young and old alike with activities to help develop, improve, and maintain visual-spatial awareness and visual memory. Measure, evaluate, and build strong connections between the eyes, brain, and body.


Use Binovi Touch to help patients recover from traumatic brain injuries (tbis) caused by sports injuries, car accidents, or combat related injuries, and re-establish neural connections to help patients in their recovery.

Experience Binovi Touch Virtually

Try our Virtual Binovi Touch experience and see how your key vision skills stack up!

See noticeable improvements in key vision skills like reaction time, peripheral vision, hand-eye coordination, and focus with the help of Binovi Touch and the Binovi Platform of hardware, software, data, and expert knowledge.

Fill out the form to get access to the Binovi Touch Virtual Experience and try out a series of commonly-used Binovi Touch activities to see how you measure up against established norms developed from years of experience working with users of all ages and skill levels!

Let's get started!

Work your way through the Binovi Touch challenges!
Start by warming up your visual system with a simple exercise, then test yourself with the most common Binovi Touch activity, before challenging yourself to the ultimate test!

Warm Up

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Try it out

30s Random


Push the limits

Fighter Pilot


Instructions Title

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Target Scores


Score - Bronze


Score - Silver


Score - Gold

Your Binovi Results

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You Scored X

30s Random

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Fighter Pilot

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So how did you do?

Feel free to go through the demo a few times to see how you can improve and see how high you can get your scores.

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